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Q4 Webinar – IR Website Best Practices to Optimize your Online Presence

In this video, Catherine Crofton, Q4’s VP Sales & Marketing outlines 7 specific recommendations that companies can do to use their website more strategically including:

1) More effectively emulating the real conversations and experiences with investors. 2) Marrying what users want to find and what you want them to see. 3) Using your corporate site as your ‘investor’ site. 4) Using your investment story and objectives to drive the site structure, content and features. 5) Addressing the continuum of relationships and consider all audiences. 6) Making the information more interactive. 7) Be where your audiences are and use new tools like social media.


Video: Social Media & Investor Relations Trends

by Darrell Heaps

A Webinar from Q4 Web Systems that focuses on the current trends in social media and investors relations. Learn more at