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Creative Mornings with Mike Monteiro

Might be NSFW (depending were you work. But it’s well worth it.


Q4 Webinar – IR Website Best Practices to Optimize your Online Presence

In this video, Catherine Crofton, Q4’s VP Sales & Marketing outlines 7 specific recommendations that companies can do to use their website more strategically including:

1) More effectively emulating the real conversations and experiences with investors. 2) Marrying what users want to find and what you want them to see. 3) Using your corporate site as your ‘investor’ site. 4) Using your investment story and objectives to drive the site structure, content and features. 5) Addressing the continuum of relationships and consider all audiences. 6) Making the information more interactive. 7) Be where your audiences are and use new tools like social media.

Social media, Flash and IR webdesign

The launch of the iPad has added yet another difficulties to the already pretty daunting task of designing a useful and usable IR website. Yes, by now we are all sufficiently aware of the implications of social media for all publics and stakeholders of a Company. And yes, your site should not a deposit of pdf files and other regulatory materials. It should ideally be a place that concentrates your presence on the web. So there you go: post your presentations into SlideShare, your videos into, your microblogging into Twitter and what have you. Everything comes together into your IR site, using those nice widgets.

The foundation of most of the social media sites and of the widgets used to embed the social content into the sites is Adobe’s Flash, a technology that I personally never gave much thought (other than an expletive every now and then, for those irritating calls to update) up until very recently. But, as the recent launch of the iPad made abundantly clear, this is some very shaky foundation. If Flash was once a de facto standard, this status is fading away quickly.

So here we are: what is one to do know, facing the redesign of social media enabled IR websites, under a deadline (thus, unable to wait for HTML5 or whatever) and having to make some very tough decisions. Should we design for the vast majority of Flash enabled machines? Can we afford to disregard the iPhone now (and the iPad soon enough) and embrace the blue Lego pieces? Or should we go overboard and port the site to all different platforms, not unlikely we do for different browsers?